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This Snake Juice is basically rat poison.ย Everybodyโ€™s wasted.

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u donโ€™t say

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ok do people here like/respect anthony fantano or not?

I hate him.

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  • friend: what you thinkin bout?
  • me: you think swag is so cool well guess what its for boys and class is for men. this is class. that's all i have to say to you stupid ass haters *gives camera the finger* and bullshit bully trolls. you dont know shit. you dont know fashion. you dont know anything about this world if you keep saying bullshit jokes. i know you're just trying to be super and ass funny but its not fucking funny! get the fuck offline if you're gonna keep saying this bullshit, keep spouting it off of your stupid ass keyboards that probably aren't even mechanical! listen, log off, idiots. you don't know shit. you stupid swag. you dont know shit and i dare you to say one more fucking joke and i'll slit your throat neck. anyway that's it haters, see ya later fuckin idiots!


This guy really blew it.

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mum: its time you got up now and youve got stuff to doย dont you dare go back to sleep

me:ย image

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